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Сomprehensive environmental permit

Сomprehensive environmental permit

A comprehensive environmental permit (CEP) by Federal Law No 7-FZ of January 10, 2002, “On Environmental Protection” is a document that is issued by an authorized federal executive body to a legal entity or individual entrepreneur engaged in economic and (or) other activities at an object that has a negative impact on the environment and contains mandatory requirements in the field of environmental protection.

Following Art. 31.1 7-FZ "On Environmental Protection", legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in economic and (or) other activities at objects of category I are required to obtain a comprehensive environmental permit.

The League proposes to work on the exclusion of enterprises for the production of cardboard and paper that process waste paper from the scope of the best available technologies and from the list of objects that have a significant negative impact on the environment - objects of category I since processing enterprises do not meet the hazard criteria of objects of category I.

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