What is the price indices for pulp and paper industry

Price indices are used to evaluate the dynamics of pulp and paper products price movement.*Pulp and paper products

Price indices benefits

Use the indices as a compass, a tool for orienting where the price is moving on the market.


Use the indices instead of constant renegotiation of contracts and tenders.

Market overview 360°

Price dynamics in the form of an interactive chart for the calendar year.

Reliability of indicators

CSS verifies the data provided for indices calculation.


Analytical center checks indices methology.

How the indies are formed

To form a price index, participating companies transmit data on the actual prices of real transactions to the analytical center. Analysts check the data. If the data is in doubt, for example, does not match the data provided by the other side of the transaction, the analytical center contacts the participating company to confirm the data. Only confirmed data will be accepted for calculation.

Signing an agreement

On information interaction between the participating company and the analytical center.

Appointment of a designated employee

The participating company appoints a designated employee for publishing data on the platform of the analytical center. .

Registration on the platform

After registering on the platform, the designated employee gets access to the personal account.

Weekly publication

The designated employee uploads price data every week based on the actual transactions.

Collection and protection of data

Prices are stored as distributed records using crypto-encryption on several servers, ensuring digital data protection.

Data checking

If the data has significant statistical deviations, the CSS employee can query the designated employee or request a document confirming the reliability of the data..

Weekly Indices

The indices values calculation is carried out according to the weighted arithmetic mean method, which considers the weight coefficient of the participating companies.

Monthly Indices

Based on the weekly indices values, the monthly indices are calculated. The calculation is carried out according to the arithmetic mean method.

Indices Participants

Participants are enterprises that enter into an agreement with the analytical agency: containerboard and corrugated board manufacturers. Thus, the purchase prices and the sale prices for the same transactions, but from different independent sources, are provided to form the price indices.



Wastepaper collectors
Wastepaper processors
Corrugated boardpackaging producers
Corrugated board packaging buyers
Отходо Wastepapergenerators

Questions and answers

How is the participant's weight determined?

The participant's weight is recalculated annually and directly depends on the volume of sales in the domestic market in thousands of tons per year.

Wastepaper processors Производители гофропродукции Weight
Sales Purchases
Under 50 Under 20 1
51-100 21-40 2
101-150 41-60 3
151-200 61-80 4
201-250 81-100 5
251-300 101-120 6
301-350 121-140 7
351-400 141-160 8
401-450 161-180 9
Up 450 Up 181 10

Which companies on the market are or can become participants of the indices?

Only consumers of MS-5B grade wastepaper, manufacturers and consumers of corrugated board packaging and containerboard can participate in the indices.

Requirements for the data accepted for the calculation of the price indices

  • Ex-warehouse of the supplier, EXW (Incoterms).
  • The data provided reflects the weighted average selling price for the previous week.
  • All prices are given without VAT
  • Terms of payment in cash, without restrictions (prepayment, postpayment, factoring).
  • Data submission period: from Monday to 12:00 Tuesday each week.

What data is not accepted?

  • Directly dependent on the index (equated to it).
  • Corresponding to the price lists or any other prices that are not the actual sale or purchase prices.
  • Transactions between affiliates.
  • Futures contracts.
  • Barter and offset transactions.

Data representativeness

he CSS Index can be formed provided that at least three companies are participants in the index. At the same time, the CSS ensures a representative sample of companies (more than 50% of the market) participating in the index to display a reliable picture of the market.

Index validation and audit

The index methodology has been published and audited. The auditor of the index methodology is the Information and Analytical Center for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Formation and administration of the index

The Center of System Solutions (CSS) is an industry-specific analytical agency for the pulp and paper industry (PPI). On a regular basis, the CSS publishes price indices for the main types of pulp and paper products.

CSS develops various analytical products: marketing research, compiling and developing databases on the Russian pulp and paper market, etc. CSS clients are the largest companies in the Russian and global pulp and paper industries.

How is data protected?

Crypto encryption assumes that when data is entered, they are duplicated on several independent data stores simultaneously. In case of a possible hack, the data will remain intact and unchanged in any case. It is impossible to change historical data because every action in the system is tracked by the logging method.