16 December 2021

The joint action of Essity and WWF Russia is aimed at preserving the nature of the Caucasus

The joint action of Essity and WWF Russia is aimed at preserving the nature of the Caucasus

The international FMCG company Essity, together with WWF Russia, will conduct an environmental initiative aimed at preserving the natural wealth of the Caucasus and developing ecotourism. The promotion will be held from October 20 to November 17 in all stores of the Magnit chain.

The Bolshoy Thach Nature Park is located in the southeastern part of the Maikop district of the Republic of Adygea. Unique natural landscapes, recognized at the international level, are still preserved in this place: the natural park has been part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site "Western Caucasus" since 1999. A huge number of species of flora and fauna, including relict, endemic, and endangered, live on the territory of the "Big Thach". For example, one of the rare species whose population is being restored as part of a special program, the Near Asian leopard, uses the park's territory as hunting grounds because of the roe deer, deer, wild boars and chamois living there.

One of the priorities of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Russia is to preserve the unique diversity of the flora and fauna of the Caucasus, as well as key habitats of wild animals and landscapes by creating and supporting a system of specially protected natural territories, promoting sustainable forest management practices and improving environmental literacy of the population.

Acting as one of the organizers of such an important environmental initiative, the manufacturer of hygiene and health products, Essity company, contributes to the conservation of the nature of the Caucasus and seeks to draw the attention of the general public to the problems of the ecology of the region and the disappearance of rare animal species.

From October 20 to November 17, the Magnit retail chain stores, with the support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Essity, will host the campaign "Let's Preserve the Nature of the Caucasus Together", aimed at raising funds for the implementation of environmental programs of the park. One ruble from the sale of each package of Zewa products will be transferred to WWF Russia to support the Bolshoy Thach Nature Park and the creation of a visit center on the adjacent territory.

Also, buyers will have the opportunity to win a cash prize for a trip to the Bolshoy Thach Nature Park to see the beauty of this place with their own eyes. To participate in the drawing, you need to make a repost of the announcement of the promotion in your social media accounts.

The "Western Caucasus" is a wonderful place with a unique nature that the whole world should see. Initiatives like this one help to draw public attention to local problems of preserving local ecosystems and rare animals. Now every customer of the Magnit chain stores can, with the help of simple actions, help in preserving the most amazing places on our planet," says Varvara Svetlova, Director of Trade Marketing at Essity in Russia.

"The location of the project is truly unique not only on a national scale, but also in a global sense. Despite the small area, the most favorable habitats of ungulates are located here–" says Valery Shmunk, director of WWF Russia's Representative Office in the Russian Caucasus ecoregion. - Conservation and sustainable management of such territories will contribute to the restoration of the rarest predator - the Central Asian leopard, the first individuals of which returned to nature in 2016. At the same time, the park is visited by a large number of people, and we would like to streamline this flow, at the same time informing tourists about the leopard and other inhabitants of the "Big Thach". Only responsible and carefully organized tourism will allow people to get to know the nature of the Western Caucasus firsthand, without harming it."

A source: upakovano.ru